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First German National Chapter Meeting
InterPore Time Capsule
A multi-scale pore network model extracted directly from a micro-CT scan (Ghent University)
Researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have produced the first high-resolution X-ray computed tomography 3D images of foamed cement.
Simulated pH contours on dissolving calcite grains in domain built from XCMT experimental image (Berkeley Lab)
Bentonite grain expanding between sand grains - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL
Solute transport with irregular source geometry in non-uniform flow simulated with new PTRW algorithm (University of Stuttgart).
Porous Media Gallery - click photos for more information
ZSM-5 pore system generated by ZEOMICS, a computational zeolite characterization tool developed at Princeton University.

Welcome to InterPore

The International Society for Porous Media

InterPore is a non-profit-making independent scientific organization established in 2008.

InterPore aims to advance and disseminate knowledge for the understanding, description, and modeling of natural and industrial porous media systems. Find out more about our specific aims and activities.

A new service to the porous media community: InterPore Time Capsules

The InterPore Time Capsules are a collection of interviews with some of the most eminent contemporary porous media scientists, who have played a major role in the development of porous media science and technology. The first scientist selected for a Time Capsule interview is Professor Jacob Bear, who was also the first recipient of InterPore Honorary Membership Award in 2010. He has been interviewed by Professor Brian Berkowitz of Weizmann Institute of Science. The full interview can be found here on YouTube.

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published by Springer, which is the oldest journal dedicated to porous media processes.

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These two alliances give considerable discounts on personal subscriptions for the journals "Transport in Porous Media", "Journal of Porous Media", and "Special Topics and Review in Porous Media" (published by Begell House), and on purchase of books from both publishers. Read more.
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