First German National Chapter Meeting
InterPore Time Capsule
A multi-scale pore network model extracted directly from a micro-CT scan (Ghent University)
Researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) have produced the first high-resolution X-ray computed tomography 3D images of foamed cement.
Simulated pH contours on dissolving calcite grains in domain built from XCMT experimental image (Berkeley Lab)
Bentonite grain expanding between sand grains - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL
Solute transport with irregular source geometry in non-uniform flow simulated with new PTRW algorithm (University of Stuttgart).
Porous Media Gallery - click photos for more information
ZSM-5 pore system generated by ZEOMICS, a computational zeolite characterization tool developed at Princeton University.

9th International Conference on Porous Media

& Annual Meeting of the International Society for Porous Media
May 8 - 11, 2017, 

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Event date 08. 05. 2017 12:00
Event End Date 11. 05. 2017 16:30

International Conference on Porous Media &
First Annual Meeting of Australian Chapter of InterPore

30 Nov-2 Dec, 2016
Sydney, Australia

Event date 30. 11. 2016 9:00
Event End Date 02. 12. 2016 17:30

First General Assembly of the German Chapter

- 6 Dec 2016
Leipzig, Germany

Event date 04. 12. 2016 18:00
Event End Date 06. 12. 2016 17:30

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